Hosted mining operations

Maximize your profitability with the confidence that your operations are secure. We provide the infrastructure and maintenance to set up and operate your Bitcoin mining operations, along with a purpose-built suite of software dedicated to your rigs’ success. 

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Configuration and optimization

Our team will work directly with you to configure and set up your mining operations.

Continued monitoring, adjustments, and updates

Once configured, we will monitor your equipment and production in real-time, making updates and improvements as you see fit.

Real time support

24/7 support and services, when you need it the most. Our on-site technicians are always available to make sure your operation is up and running.

Hut 8 software features

Our Operator asset management platform boosts productivity in mining by conducting real-time tracking of mining activities, from site-wide statistics down to individual machines. It identifies and diagnoses issues automatically, and issues corresponding work orders to expedite the repair process.

Our Reactor platform is driven by an algorithm configured to support the needs of individual miners, optimizing profitability. It dynamically adjusts the energy usage of each miner present onsite in real-time, based on the specific profitability profile of that miner.

Hosting locations

Niagara Falls, NY (Alpha)

King Mountain, TX (Echo)

Custom solutions to meet your needs

Every need is different, and we aim to accommodate them. Reach out to us, we’re happy to discuss how we might support your Bitcoin mining operation.

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