Fueling the digital ecosystem

Hut 8 is advancing innovation and providing the foundation for the digital economy through high performance infrastructure, cutting-edge technology solutions, and digital asset mining.

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Driving the global technological revolution

The next industrial revolution is upon us, and Hut 8 is helping companies seize the opportunities to drive their business forward. As a high performance computing pioneer powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and a responsible digital asset mining leader, our mission is to create value for generations to come.

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Enabling innovation like no one else

From digital asset mining to gaming and Blockchain to Web 3.0, Hut 8 is driving growth, innovation, and market share by providing the computer power to fuel the industries and Blockchain technologies of tomorrow.


Building the foundation through cutting–edge high performance computing infrastructure

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Growing the digital asset ecosystem as one of North America’s most experienced and largest Bitcoin miners

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Supporting the Bitcoin mining community through certified mining repair across North America and Northern Europe

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Location is key

With three digital asset mining facilities and five high performance computing data centres located across Canada, we are growing in a sustainable way that creates value for generations to come.

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