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Our investors advance decentralized finance and pioneer the growth of the global digital economy.

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You don’t need to trade Bitcoin to invest in Bitcoin. Hut 8 investors skip the stress of creating digital wallets, wiring money offshore and safely storing their Bitcoin. We provide investors direct exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum without the technical complexity of trading these digital assets. Hut 8 applies a balance sheet-first growth mindset to our revenue diversification supporting carbon reduction and ESG objectives. We are committed to growing shareholder value regardless of #BTC market direction.

We are business building technologists who believe in sovereign systems, open access and financial inclusion. Our Hodl approach is why we own more self-mined Bitcoin than any other publicly traded company worldwide. Beyond crypto, we are pioneering high-performance computing to deliver diversified revenue streams in order to maximize hashrate rewards and improve mining efficiency while simultaneously offering white label hosting to our yield and revenue lines of business based on our Hodl Bitcoin strategy.

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Analyst coverage

Hut 8 is currently covered by the analysts listed below:

George Sutton - Craig Hallumo
Joseph Vafi - Canaccord
Kevin Dede - HC Wainwright & Co.
Chris Brendler - D.A Davidson

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