• 85 DC Datacenters
  • 100 MW Max. Megawatts
  • 784 PH/s Petahashes per Second

Alberta, Canada

Strategically located in Alberta where electricity costs are low due to abundant wind generation and natural gas.

Medicine Hat, Alberta

56 BlockBox datacenters operating at max 63.2 MW (*67.2 MW in Q1 2019 ) and 500 PH/s.

Drumheller, Alberta

17 BlockBox datacenters operating at max 18.7 MW and 140 PH/s. Expanding to 29 BlockBox datacentres operating at max 33.1 MW and 284 PH/s during December 2018. 

Bitfury BlockBox

Through the Bitfury Group, Hut 8 has access to a world-leading proprietary mix of hardware, software and operational expertise to construct, optimize and manage datacenters in low-cost and attractive jurisdictions.

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