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We have equipment and expertise to stay ahead of the crowd.

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Pioneers in managing market volatility, with the HODL to prove it

With extensive experience mining digital assets, operating high-growth data centres, and access to world-leading propriety hardware and software, Hut 8 has one of the most established and largest operations in the game. We provide cutting-edge computing infrastructure our Blockchain, enterprise, and Web 3.0 customers need to grow, build, and protect their business on the web. We value the planet and our local environment, which is why we strive to deliver maximum power while achieving our ESG targets.

The power to outperform

With more than 121 MW of existing power capacity, Hut 8’s current operations are ready to perform.


Digital Asset Data Mining Facilities


Multi-Tier Data Centres for High-Performance Computing


Commercial High-Performance Computing Customers


Business and Revenue Lines

209 MW

Total Contracted Power Capacity


Total Self-Mined Bitcoin Held Revenue Stock (as of May 31, 2022)

Equipped with experience

We have a diversified strategy and deep understanding of how to operate in all market conditions. We are masters at maximizing the performance of our machines. Our diversified fleet of ASIC and GPU mining equipment allows us keep pace with our competitors regardless of market volatility.

Our operational centres

Hut 8 has eight facilities that harness the power of Canada’s diverse energy sources from British Columbia to Alberta to Ontario. We are taking an innovative approach at our high-performance data centres – which run on hydro and nuclear power – to bridge between traditional and nascent high-performance computing infrastructure and capture growth in blockchain, AI, and Web 3.0. Our digital asset mining centres mine efficiently using an abundance of renewable energy. We have industry leading power purchase agreements, and operate in climates with cold temperatures and high winds, which are optimal for mining.

An abundance of renewable energy

Ideal operating climates with freezing cold temperatures and high winds

A collaborative working relationship with our communities and governments

Birds eye view photograph of Hut 8 Mining Facility in Medine Hat, Alberta

Medicine Hat, Alberta

67 MW

Drone photography of Hut 8 Mining Facility at sunset in Drumheller, Alberta

Drumheller, Alberta

42 MW

Location is key

  1. 1. Drumheller, AB
  2. 2. Medicine Hat, AB
  3. 3. North Bay, ON
Data centre/web3/gaming
  1. 4. Vancouver, BC
  2. 5. Vancouver, BC
  3. 6. Kelowna, BC
  1. 7. Vaughan, ON
  2. 8. Mississauga, ON
  1. 1. Drumheller, AB
  2. 2. Medicine Hat, AB
British Columbia
Data centre/web3/gaming
  1. 1. Vancouver, BC
  2. 2. Vancouver, BC
  3. 3. Kelowna, BC
  1. 1. North Bay, ON
Data centre/web3/gaming
  1. 2. Vaughan, ON
  2. 3. Mississauga, ON