Enabling blockchain and Web 3.0 innovation like no one else can

We’re re-investing in the future of the industry because we’re bullish on what’s to come. Hut 8 offers cutting-edge computing infrastructure to host your growing digital asset business, gaming, and Web 3.0 needs. And as the only OG digital asset miner with the expertise and credibility to support blockchain and Web 3.0 — and the data centres to back it up — we are committed to the success of the digital economy.

Powering the future through high performance computing

We are bridging the nascent and traditional high performance computing worlds to create value for generations to come. Hut 8 has the infrastructure and computing capabilities required to thrive in the digital economy – and we’re building out an ecosystem to support crypto-focused companies, NFT markets, blockchain, decentralized finance, Web 3.0, and beyond.

VFX & Metaverse

Our dynamic high performance computing infrastructure scales to support customer workloads for visual effects, metaverse, machine learning, and AI

3D game rendering

Leverage computing technology to build 3D rendering and custom apps

Cloud Console

In Q4 2022, customers will be able to access this solution directly through our on-demand Cloud Console

Launch into Web 3.0 with
our cloud services

Hut 8 offers cutting-edge, highly secure, low-latency cloud infrastructure designed to improve your app performance. As a high performance computing pioneer powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution with a customer-first approach, we are more than qualified to support your cloud needs.




Infrastructure as a Service

Our multi-tenant and private clouds are built for blockchain, gaming, metaverse, and Web 3.0 applications. Build and deploy distributed applications without having to manage your own infrastructure.

  • Wide range of products including public and private cloud, storage, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), and managed backup
  • Geographic diversity ensures customers have 100% uptime

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Enterprise Colocation

Our colocation solutions deliver the world-class facilities, services, and performance you deserve.

  • Data centres strategically located in Central and Western Canada serve geographically diverse customers
  • Infrastructure supports customers’ space, power, connectivity, and redundancy needs

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Node as a Service (NaaS)

We take care of node maintenance and management, so you don’t have to. Just focus on your blockchain and Web 3.0 project and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • We support decentralized projects that require scalable computing and storage to accommodate ever-growing blockchains
  • In Q4 2022, customers will be able to access this solution directly through our on-demand Cloud Console

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